SJ-9669 Professional Blender Mixer (1.85 Ltr.)


Aldhafrah’s SJ-9669 Professional Blender Mixer is equipped to mix both hot and cold liquids. It’s a perfect blender for making soup, puree, pesto, salsa, and dips. Many enjoy making protein shakes, mixed drinks, smoothies and more. It crushes ice, chews up pieces of fruit and tackles thick mixtures. The versatile functions and power make this blender ideal for restaurants, smoothie bars, cafes, hotels, caterers, bars and even home food preparations. Get the job done and eat more nutritional foods when you use the Haffos Machinery commercial blender.

. Cap: 1.85 Ltr. jug.
. unbreakable pc container is made of polycarbonate.
. speed:  38000 rpm.
. power: 230 v / 50 hz / 2 hp / 1500 w.
. weight:  6.5 kg.
. dim: 270 x 242 x 513 mm.
SJ-9669 / haffos / sweden specification / china made.

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