Commercial Ice Makers Supplier in Dubai | UAE

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Restaurants that serve beverages and soft drinks, juices, smoothies and more need the right commercial ice maker machine, which makes sure that you never run out of ice especially on weekends, when there is a huge rush at your place. This means that you will have to be prepared to serve hundreds of customers a day and that cannot be done with a regular freezer or cold water.
Another reason why commercial ice machine is a must for your restaurants is that you can preserve meat and fish in the ice to ensure the hygiene and freshness of the food you are preparing. A food business is never easy, so it is better to find the right machine that works like a helping hand in your kitchen.
Depending on the size of your kitchen, business and requirements of your regular customers, there are a lot of options available for your when it comes to the commercial ice machine, and we at Wahat Al Dhafrah help you with the most suitable and affordable commercial kitchen equipment and essential like ice makers that help you serving your customers without any hassles.
Whether you are looking for a big 1150 kg Simag Ice Flaker for your cocktail area or a small 171 kg Simag Ice Maker for your hotel, we have everything that meets your reputation and expectations within your set budget. Choose according to your ice requirements as each of the ice machines offers consistency and durability for your cocktails or seafood storage with speedy ice making, If you are confused about which ice machine will suit you the best, we can help you with our on-call support service.

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