Commercial Washing Equipment's Supplier in Dubai | UAE

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Gone are the days when commercial spaces like restaurants, hotels and catering companies had to hire dedicated staff for commercial kitchen cleaning. Today, there are hundreds of useful washing appliances available to get the job done within a few minutes.
Dishwashers, kitchen table, and more are among the essentials in your restaurants. This is the reason why you are recommended to purchase or upgrade your commercial washing equipment to reduce the efforts and increase the productivity of your staff.
Talking about kitchen equipment, there are utensils in the kitchen, which need to be cleaned regularly to access as much dishes as possible. We at Wahat Al Dhafrah pride ourselves in proving the most durable and high-quality washing tools including, Dishwasher, Rack conveyor dishwasher, Roller Exit Table and related tools for your commercial kitchen.
Available in different washing capacity and sizes, you can choose any of the tools as per your requirements and budget. Whether you pick a normal dishwasher or a rack conveyor dishwasher, you will get features such as hot rinsing, alarm washes section, micro switch safety door and basket sensor for final drying. This makes the work so much easier for the staff with hygienic cleaning and washing of fragile dishes.
We are committed to make your commercial kitchen space safe and productive with our high quality kitchen equipment. Not only we stock the highly recommended brands from all over the UAE, but we assure the best price that you expect from a customer centric company. If you face any difficulty while shopping our washing equipment, our on call support team will help you making the best decision.
To get a quote for your commercial kitchen, give us a call today!