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If you are into food business such as catering, hotel and small restaurants, commercial fridges have become one of the most important things for your business to maintain the food quality. Commercial Refrigerator, be it a display refrigerator for bakery or a large-sized food refrigerator, especially for the customer who cannot wait for long can save you from mismanagement, no matter what is the dish or beverage.
But you need to understand that commercial fridges are not like those home refrigerators, and need extra care due to their high capacity and long-running hours. We at Wahat Al Dhafrah, are the leading supplier of commercial kitchen equipment and commercial fridges around the UAE, offering a wide range of superior quality display fridges, multi-deck fridges, Pizza refrigerated counter, upright freezer and chiller etc. from the most trusted brands with high performing, and durable appliance for your commercial kitchen spaces.
With our wide range of worktop refrigerator and worktop chiller available in different configurations and sizes along with hygiene features, you can find the space-saving, smart kitchen appliances that add to the productivity and unbeatable customer stratification in the most cost-effective manner.
Here we are responsible for making the process easier by offering discounts and fast delivery services without compromising the quality. You can expect the world-class service with complete assembly and on-call assistance while installing your newly bought commercial refrigerators from us. Whether you are looking to display delicious cakes, pizzas and beverages our commercial freezers and fridges suit best your space.
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  • CN8-142-PP Ginox Upright refrigerator (1315 Ltr.)

  • CN8-71-T Ginox Upright refrigerator 597 Ltr.

  • Display refrigerator

  • Display refrigerator

  • Display refrigerator

  • Display refrigerator

  • Display refrigerator (Cake Display Chiller)

  • Display Refrigerator (LIDO187)

  • ECT704 Dal-mec Work top refrigerator (630 Ltr.)

  • Glass Door Upright refrigerator (1325 Ltr.)

  • MK7-152 Work top refrigerator (330 Ltr.)

  • PCP70214 Work top pizza refrigerator (300 ltr.)