Gas Tilting Bratt Pan (80 Ltr.)


Gas Tilting Bratt Pans (80 Ltr.) are versatile pieces of equipment which will cook large batches of food using their heated thick base. Bratt Pans can fry, grill or make stews simply and effectively. Bratt Pans have a tilting base which will easily pour out their contents.

For tasty stews, sauces, omelets, and vegetables, among many others, you definitely can’t go wrong with a Bratt pan. A Bratt pan will make your kitchen much more efficient, plus it will help maintain quality and consistency in the food created in your kitchen.

. well cap: 80 ltr.
. stainless steel well.
. construction: s. steel 18/10 aisi 304 with 2 mm top thick.
. gas power: 22 kw.
. total gas power: 22 kw.
. weight: 201 kg / 1 m³.
. dimension: 800 x 900 x 870 mm.
EM90/80 BRGI / modular / made in italy.

If your hospitality establishment has a significant output in terms of food volume, then you are going to need a quality Bratt pan. Explore our range today.

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