Automatic Orange Juicer WDF-OJ150


WDFOJ150 Made in China Automatic Orange Juicer is Ideal for big restaurants, hotels, coffee shops health and gourmet food stores, schools, and supermarkets. It is made of Stainless steel body best for squeezing fruits 4-7 glass per mins. Check out its complete specification below:

    Model: WDFOJ150
    Brand: Made in China
    Material: Stainless Steel Body.
    Feeder Capacity: 20-25  pieces
    Fruit Diameter: 60-80 mm.
    Power: 220 v / 50 hz.
    Consumption: 200 Watt.
    Net weight: 42 kg.
    Dimension: H 36 x W 25 x D 22 cm.

Squeeze 20-22 oranges per mins

High-Quality Stainless Steel Case

Safety cut off switched, Anti-corrosion and easy to wash

4-7 glass per mins.

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